NFL Week 5 Predictions

My Record

Last Week: 9-6
Overall: 39-24

Buffalo Bills at Cleveland Browns
-E.J. Manuel has only played one game away from Ralph Wilson Stadium, and it was a loss to the New York Jets.  Now he travels to Cleveland who is riding a two game winning streak and has officially ended the idea that they are shipping in the season.  If Brian Hoyer doesn’t throw 5 picks like Joe Flacco did then the Browns will find themselves having a winning record.

Cleveland 27 Buffalo 20

New England Patriots at Cincinnati Bengals
-The Patriots are coming off of a staple win in Atlanta against the Falcons, the Bengals are coming off a disappointing loss the division rival Cleveland.  With Danny Amendola expected to return and Brady being more in sync with his new receivers, I can’t see the Bengals defense stopping the Patriots.

New England 31 Cincinnati 24

New Orleans Saints at Chicago Bears
-Can Jimmy Graham be stopped?  That is the real question.  He has 6 touchdowns in the first month, and he shows no signs of letting up.  The Saints offense looked great on Monday night and the Bears struggled on Sunday against Detroit to hold onto the football.  Jay Cutler was picked off three times, and if such a thing happens again week 5 then Bears are in trouble.

New Orleans 34 Chicago 24

Detroit Lions at Green Bay Packers
-Reggie Bush carried the Lions to a huge home win against the Bears last sunday.  Stafford had only 242 yards passing but he wasn’t needed to shoulder the load.  However this week it’ll be different.  It’s going to be a shoot out, and I give the edge to Rodgers and the Packers coming off of a bye.

Green Bay 38 Detroit 31

Kansas City Chiefs and Tennessee Titans
-The loss of Jake Locker is going to loom large, even with Ryan Fitzpatrick in the second slot.  Locker was having the best season of his career thus far throwing for 621 yards, 6 touchdowns and most importantly 0 interceptions. For the Chiefs Jamaal Charles is having himself a season, racking up 289 rushing yards but more impressively having 23 receptions and 4 total touchdowns.

Kansas City 17 Tennessee 10

Seattle Seahawks at Indianapolis Colts
-The Seahawks have had two very competitive road games against Carolina (week 1) and Houston.  In both cases one could see how the Seahawks deserved to lose, but somehow they pull it out.  But now they head to Lucas Oil Stadium which will be rocking.  This is a toss up game, but until the Seahawks lose a game it’s incredibly hard to pick against them.

Seattle 28 Indianapolis 27

Jacksonville Jaguars at St. Louis Rams
-Dare I say it…there is a CHANCE that the Jaguars can win this game.  The Rams offense has been simply appalling, and Jeff Fishers just announced that he is going to be doing running by committee.  The Jaguars do get Justin Blackmon back, but still I don’t think that’ll be enough.  If Rams shut down MJD like other teams have then St. Louis can win the game.

St. Louis 21 Jacksonville 17

Baltimore Ravens at Miami Dolphins
-Both teams are coming off very disappointing performances, now the question is who will rebound?  My money is with Baltimore.  They know how to bounce back and with Ray Rice assured a larger role in the offense I think the Ravens head down to Miami and bring the Dolphins back down to earth even more.

Baltimore 17 Miami 13

Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants
-Two of the worst defenses in the leagues going against one another, that means everyone take the over.  Will Eli be his turnover self or will he bounce back against the Philadelphia defense that has allowed over 400 yards per game.  I have to think that LeSean McCoy will run all over the Giants, and adding that with the fact that New York, who have mustered only 3 sacks all season, is going against a mobil quarterback, I have to go with the Eagles.

Philadelphia 45 New York 38

Carolina Panther at Arizona Cardinals
-Arizona is 2-2, but it is a soft 2-2.  Carolina is coming off a bye, in which they have had time to reflect on their 38-0 thrashing of the New York Giants.  DeAngelo Williams is running really well and Carson Palmer seems to be regressing just a bit.

Carolina 21 Arizona 16

Denver Broncos at Dallas Cowboys
-To win this game, the Cowboys are going to needs to maintain possession of the ball, and that means a lot of DeMarco Murray.  However the Broncos have allowed an average of less than 80 rushing yards per game.  Simply put, Peyton Manning has 16 touchdowns and 0 interceptions and he is super human.  Any questions?

Denver 41 Dallas 24

Houston Texans at San Francisco 49ers
-The interception Matt Schaub threw in the loss to Seattle illustrates why the Texans will never move forward with him.  It’s tough for the Texans to have to face two NFC West powerhouses in a row, specially when the 49ers have had extra time to prepare and rest up.  In Candlestick, I think the Texans will find themselves looking a repeat of week 4.

San Francisco 31 Houston 21

San Diego Chargers at Oakland Raiders
-It’s an 11:35 P.M. start time on the east coast due to the Oakland Athletics being in the playoffs.  It’s a good thing that they are in the playoffs because the Raiders won’t be making it there.  San Diego on the other hand, as of right now, has an outside chance due in large part to the play of Phillip Rivers.  He has been reincarnated and it makes the Chargers a dangerously competitive team.

San Diego 35 Oakland 20

New York Jets at Atlanta Falcons
-Atlanta almost pulled off the major comeback against the Patriots, but once again, for the second time this season, Matt Ryan and the offense couldn’t get it done on their final play.  Luckily they won’t be needing a comeback this week because they will defeat the Jets soundly.

Atlanta 21 New York 10


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