New England Patriots’ ‘What Ifs’ Should Be Answered In Much-Improved 2014 Season

Patriots Broncos FootballBefore the New England Patriots’ season even started, “what ifs” started to creep in.

The season began with fans and players wondering what would happen when the whole offense was intact. Tight end Rob Gronkowski was injured to start training camp, and running back Shane Vereen and wide receiver Danny Amendola were lost after just one game.

Quarterback Tom Brady even started to play the “what if” game in early October.

“We’ve missed Danny [Amendola] for most of the season. We’ve missed Gronk for most of the season. We missed Shane [Vereen] for most of the season,” Brady said. “So, those are some pretty good players that we depended on going into the season to play a big role. And the fact of the matter is, they haven’t been out there. Those other guys are forced to do more, and they’ve done a great job with…

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