“The LEGO Movie” Movie Review

A good animation film captures the audience and carries the viewers to an imaginative world where reality and logic fall by the way side. Such a task is hard to complete; however, over the past months we have seen two such films rise up from the often-mediocre stance of animation film-making, to some impressive, age defining heights.

Thanksgiving brought us the Disney smash “Frozen,” which has continuously grown to become one of Mickey Mouse’s greatest treasures. It was a fantastic way to close the year of 2013, but now as the calendars turn, a new tale of imagination has taken the reigns as the best animation film in years.

“The LEGO Movie” is the best animation film to hit the big screen since “Toy Story 3” in 2010. Disney lovers may be squawking at the idea of a Warner Brothers Picture being superior to their beloved winter sing-a-long, but directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller have made a cinematic adventure that is both beautiful to look at and raucously hilarious on so many levels.

The story of follows an ordinary man by the name of Emmet, voiced by Chris Pratt, who without warning finds himself in a battle between The Master Builders, and the evil Lord Business, who’s played by Will Ferrell. Having been anointed “The Special,” the remaining Master Builders all look to Emmet to try and save what was once a paradise of unorganized bliss. Lord Business, however, has taken over the LEGO universes and made everyone obey the instructions, and fearing change, the evil genius dreams of a world where nobody deviates from where they are supposed to be, a world where everyone is glued to their proper place.

The pace of “The Lego Movie” is fast, furious and perfect. There are no dull moments that simply push the plot along. Every scene has a humorous part, and the subtle jabs at other movie franchises like “The Dark Knight” Trilogy and “Star Wars” make the entire experience even more remarkable. The writers blended in the perfect amount of childish humor and sly satire to make this animation adventure one that’s enjoyable for all ages.

It is hard not to applaud the cast of “The LEGO Movie” for buying into the film as much as they did. The characters outside the main protagonist and antagonist raise this picture to another level. Liam Neeson as Bad Cop/Good Cop is superb; Will Arnett is fantastic as the egotistical superhero Batman; Charlie Day brings his humorous talents to the forefront with Spaceman Benny, and one can’t forget the melodic voice of Morgan Freeman as Emmet’s mentor Vitruvius.

The song known by all of the LEGOs under the rule of Lord Business is “Everything Is Awesome,” and there is no better way to describe “The LEGO Movie” than that phrase.

This movie is fantastic fun for everyone of all ages, and it should be marveled as one of the best animation pictures in quite some time.

Stanko Rating: A

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