NFL Week 1 Power Rankings

My NFL power rankings heading into week 1 of the regular season.

  1. Seattle Seahawks
    • They dominated last year and thrashed the Broncos in the Super Bowel; they’ve done nothing to lose the top spot.
  2. Denver Broncos
    • An improved defense, and the addition of Emmanuel Sanders make Denver the beast in the AFC to start off this season
  3. Green Bay Packers
    • A healthy Aaron Rodgers along with Eddie Lacey in his second year adds up for a dangerous formula of success
  4. New Orleans Saints
    • Drew Brees’s injury didn’t seem to bother him at all, and Jimmy Graham is paid.  That’s a good combo. 
  5. New England Patriots
    • A much-improved defense will be the focal point, but Brady’s offense seems ready for a reboot as well.
  6. San Francisco 49ers
    • Talented team loaded with defense injuries and suspensions.
  7. Chicago Bears
    • Bears may have the most complete offense in the NFL, and they will be looking to use all their weapons.
  8. Indianapolis Colts
    • Colts fans:  “Andrew Luck, carry us till your shoulders collapse.” 
  9. Philadelphia Eagles
    • We know the offense will put up big points, but can their defense improve from last year?
  10. Atlanta Falcons
    • An improved offensive line and a healthy Julio Jones will lead to big improvement from last year.
  11. Kansas City Chiefs
    • Last year’s success was unexpected, and it’ll be harder to come by this year.
  12.  Detroit Lions
    • Rival only the Bears in terms of the most complete offense.
  13. Pittsburgh Steelers
    • Call it a hunch, but I’m feeling the Steelers have a good bounce back year
  14. New York Jets
    • If Geno Smith improves the way he has shown in the preseason, things are looking up for Rex Ryan.
  15. Carolina Panthers
    • Cam Newton has zero weapons on the outside, but the Panthers defense is still top notch.
  16. Cincinnati Bengals
    • I was surprised by the dropping of the Lawfirm…does the team know something we don’t know?
  17. San Diego Chargers
    • How many running backs does this team have?
  18.  Arizona Cardinals
    • Larry Fitzgerald won’t be the teams number 1 receiving option, welcome to the limelight Michael Floyd.
  19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    • The acquisition of Logan Mankins may prove huge dividends for Bucs running back
  20.  St. Louis Rams
    • Losing Sam Bradford killed any legit playoff chances this year, but this team is still loaded on defense
  21. New York Giants
    • That offense in the preseason…nightmarish.
  22. Baltimore Ravens
    • Weak at running back, this team will go as Ray Rice goes once he returns.
  23. Washington Redskins
    • RG3’s health will be constant concern and distraction.
  24. Minnesota Vikings
    • Adrian Peterson poised for big year in new style offense, and both Cassel and Bridgewater looked good in preseason
  25. Houston Texans
    • If only they had a quality quarterback, last year would be behind them already.
  26. Dallas Cowboys
    • You must have some sort of defense to win football games.
  27. Jacksonville Jaguars
    • Jacksonville will not go the whole season without starting Bortles, he just looked to good in the preseason.
  28. Buffalo Bills
    • Sammy Watkins and CJ Spiller will be exciting, but their defense will dictate their success.
  29. Cleveland Browns
    • Without Josh Gordon, this offense is going to struggle mightily.
  30. Tennessee Titans
    • Can Jake Locker stay healthy, and can they shift their offensive focus?
  31. Miami Dolphins
    • They get Moreno at running back from Denver, but they didn’t solve their quarterback situation.
  32. Oakland Raiders
    • Dennis Allen may want to turn in his two weeks notice.



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