My Favorite Play-By-Play Broadcasting Calls

This list is in no particular order, all are fantastic in their own right.

-Landon Donovan goal in World Cup Vs. Algeria

-“The band is on the field!”

-“Do you believe in miracles!?”

-Doug Flutie’s Hail Mary

-Tiger Wood’s 2005 Masters Chip

-Kirk Gibson’s miraculous homerun

-“The Gaints win the pennant!”

-“Down goes Frazier!”

-Indiana hits buzzer beater to beat Kentucky

-David Ortiz unbelievable grand slam against Detroit Tigers in ALCS (Skip to the WEEI at the 1:41 mark)

-Kenton Paulion buries three to beat West Virginia in NCAA tournament

-Richard Hamilton, persistance pays.

-Tiahana Mills half-court shot for Canisius College

-The curse is over

-Gary Thorn, game 6 Freese heroics


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