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The Strictly Business Podcast 09/20/14: NFL Week 3 Prediction

The Strictly Business Podcast 09/20/14: NFL Week 3 Predictions

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NFL Week 3 Picks

NFL Week 3 Picks

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Atlanta Falcons
-Falcons were able to win at home versus the Saints…I think they can handle the Bucs.

Atlanta 28 Tampa Bay 17

Oakland Raiders at New England Patriots
-The Patriots are going up against the worst team in the NFL in their season opener.  Do you need more?

New England 38 Oakland 17

San Diego Chargers at Buffalo Bills
-Tough game to pick being that it is in Buffalo, but San Diego is coming in off a massive win over the defending champs

San Diego 24 Buffalo 21

Tennessee Titans at Cincinnati Bengals
-Bengals dominated the Falcons at home WITHOUT AJ Green; I think they can handle the Titans

Cincinnati 31 Tennessee 21

Baltimore Ravens at Cleveland Browns
-Browns coming off a big win against the Saints, and I think they can carry over that momentum.  Division rivalry game that will be incredibly fun to watch

Cleveland 20 Baltimore 17

Dallas Cowboys at St. Louis Rams
-Murray is running the ball like crazy for the Cowboys, and if he continues, then Dallas can continue winning

Dallas 24 St. Louis 14

Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions
-The Packers had to come from behind against the Jets, and Detroit was exposed by the Panthers defense.  This is going to be a high flying affair, and I’m gonna go with the QB edge in Green Bay

Green Bay 45 Detroit 35

Indianapolis Colts at Jacksonville Jaguars
-The Colts are my LOCK OF THE WEEK (I know the Saints didn’t win last week…but who saw them starting out at 0-2)

Indianapolis 31 Jacksonville 14

San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals
-Interesting game.  The 49ers will need to rely on Colin Kaepernick with the Cardinals stout rushing defense.

San Francisco 20 Arizona 17

Denver Broncos at Seattle Seahawks
-While the game will be much better than the Super Bowl, I still can’t pick against the Seahawks at home, specially coming off a loss.

Seattle 27 Denver 24

Kansas City Chiefs at Miami Dolphins
-Jamaal Charles is banged up, and for some reason my gut tells me the Dolphins will stop the Chiefs offense just enough.

Miami 21 Kansas City 20

Pittsburgh Steelers at Carolina Panthers
-Carolina’s defense was able to shut down the Detroit Lions, and Pittsburgh does not have nearly as many dynamic playmakers on the offensive side.

Carolina 24 Pittsburgh 13

Chicago Bears at New York Jets
-The Jets secondary got torched by Aaron Rodgers, so if the Bears wide receivers do play, New York would be in big trouble

Chicago 24 New York 21

Last Week: 4 – 12 (I know that’s horrible)
Overall: 14 – 18

NFL Week 2 Game Predictions

NFL Week 2

Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens

-To say this Ray Rice situation is a distraction is one of the biggest understatements in recent sports history.

Pittsburgh 27 Baltimore 17

Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills

-The Dolphins pass rush dominated the Patriots in the second half, and if their defense is good as that all year, it’ll be something scary.

Miami 24 Buffalo 13

New England Patriots at Minnesota Vikings

-The Patriots should be scared of this game; couldn’t stop Moreno and now they have to go against Adrian Peterson. Only saving grace for New England is that Minnesota hasn’t gone up against a real offense yet (sorry St. Louis)

New England 27 Minnesota 24

Jacksonville Jaguars at Washington Redskins

-The Redskins offense looked anemic week 1 against Houston, and while the Eagles still beat up on the Jaguars in the second half, they showed me something to have faith in.

Jacksonville 24 Washington 14

Dallas Cowboys at Tennessee Titans

-The Cowboy are the underdogs against the Titans…when was the last time that happened?

Tennessee 20 Dallas 17

Arizona Cardinals at New York Giants

-The Cardinals completed a master comeback while the Giants looked starving for yards. Give me the Cardinals grit over the Giants desperation.

Arizona 27 New York 17

New Orleans Saints at Cleveland Browns

-THIS IS MY LOCK OF THE WEEK. Saints angry after a loss and the Browns still won’t have an offense.

New Orleans 31 Cleveland 13

Atlanta Falcons at Cincinnati Bengals

-Tough game to pick, simple as that. Falcons looked great at home, and I think they’ll find a way pull in a win on the road.

 Atlanta 28 Cincinnati 24

Detroit Lions at Carolina Panthers

-The Panthers shut down the Bucs, but the Lions offense has too many weapons I feel. Awesome match-up to watch.

Detroit 20 Carolina 17

St. Louis Rams at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

-The Rams offense looked worse than the Cowboys defense at times. Shaun Hill at QB didn’t seem like the answer.

Tampa Bay 21 St. Louis 13

Seattle Seahawks at San Diego Chargers

-The Chargers blew a huge chance in Arizona to get a big week 1 win, and now they welcome the team that may have looked the best of any opening week.

Seattle 31 San Diego 20

Houston Texans at Oakland Raiders

-Houston Texans pulled off a win week 1 without suitable quarterback play, but JJ WATT IS A BEAST!!!

Houston 24 Oakland 13

New York Jets at Green Bay Packers

-The Packers fell by the mighty way of Seattle on opening day, and while the Jets looks solid week 1, their offensive attack won’t be able to keep up with Rodgers.

Green Bay 30 New York 17

Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos

-The Chiefs lose 2 top defensive players, and now they go on to play Denver…in Denver…

Denver 38 Kansas City 24

Chicago Bears at San Francisco 49ers

-The 49ers answered many of my questions week 1, while the Bears raised more than nearly anyone else.

San Francisco 24 Chicago 21

Philadelphia Eagles at Indianapolis Colts

-Hugely, massively, incredibly entertaining game to end week 2. It’s a flip-of-a-coin type of game with 2 sub-par defenses and 2 great offenses.

Indianapolis 38 Philadelphia 31


NFL Week 8 Predictions

Last Week: 10-5
Overall: 69-38

Carolina Panthers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
The Carolina Panthers are a tricky team to pick, you never know which team will show up.  But even in Carolina plays subpar on Thursday, they can beat the Buccaneers.  Carolina on the year allows only 13 points per game, meaning Tampa Bay will be really struggling scoring.  Not to mention, Doug Martin has been ruled out.

Carolina 24 Tampa Bay 10

Miami Dolphins at New England Patriots
-The Patriots very rarely lose two games in a row.  It almost happened earlier this year when they lost to the Bengals then escaped against the Saints, but now after the defeat to the Jets, New England surely won’t drop a division game.  Mark my words, Rob Gronkowski has a touchdown reception.

New England 31 Miami 21

Dallas Cowboys at Detroit Lions
-Both Tony Romo and Matthew Stafford average throwing for over 350 yards per game, and both gun slingers have fantastic wide receivers to throw at.  Dez Bryant has more receptions and yards than Calvin Johnson, but he does not have a catch in triple coverage!  Calvin is back and fully healthy, and Detroit is at home.  This game is a toss up but my gut says the Cowboys lose it late.

Detroit 34 Dallas 27

Cleveland Browns at Kansas City Chiefs
Former Redskins starting QB Jason Campbell is starting in replacement of the benched Brandon Wheeden.  The Browns defense has been really carrying them this season, and they will be put to the test Sunday.  If the Browns can keep Jamaal Charlers from going crazy, then they have a long shot to pull off the upset.  However, Charles has at least one touchdown in every game, and I don’t see that trend breaking.

Kansas City 24 Cleveland 13

Buffalo Bills at New Orleans Saints
-The Bills essentially shot down the Dolphins hopes of the playoffs with their win in Miami last week, and while buffalo was getting a division win the New Orleans Saints were recuperating on a bye.  As well as the Bills have hung in games, going to New Orleans, when the Saints have had an extra week to prepare, is a very, very tough task.

New Orleans 38 Buffalo 21

New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles
-The New York Giants are coming off their first win, and the Philadelphia Eagles struggled immensely against the Dallas Cowboys.  Nick Foles will not be at quarterback, meaning Michael Vick will be returning behind the center for Chip Kelley.  This game will be physical, but with the game being in Phili and Michael Vick returning, my gut says go with the Eagles.  Either way it is going to be incredibly high scoring.

Philadelphia 38 New York 35

San Francisco 49ers at Jacksonville Jaguars
-Colin Kaepernick has been quoted about the Jacksonville defense saying that “I think they’re a good defense. They haven’t quite put everything together.”  I don’t think the Jaguars are putting it together this week.

San Francisco 27 Jacksonville 10

New York Jets at Cincinnati Bengals
-The Jets, coming off of their huge win against the Patriots, now have another big game against the Bengals.  Over the past two games Andy Dalton has thrown for 709 yards, six touchdowns and only 1 interception; however this week he is going up against the fourth ranked defense in the NFL.  With that being said, the Jets are best when they run the ball, and Cincinnati allows less than 100 yards per game on average.

Cincinnati 21 New York 20

Pittsburgh Steelers at Oakland Raiders
-The Steelers seem to be back in the groove, specially after their momentum building win against their rival against the Baltimore Ravens.  Oakland is coming off of a bye, but seeing what the Steelers did to a mobile young in quarterback Geno Smith, I don’t think Terrelle Pryor is going to be able to put much together offensively.

Pittsburgh 24 Oakland 13

Washington Redskins at Denver Broncos
-I am genuinely scared for what is going to happen to the Washington Redskins.  As bad as Denver’s defense has been, Washington’s is still worse.  It’s going to be a bad homecoming for Mike Shanahan.  The Broncos average nearly 50 points when playing NFC east opponents this year, and they might top 50 for the third time this season on Sunday.

Denver 48 Washington 31

Atlanta Falcons at Arizona Cardinals
-Roddy White will be sitting out for the second straight game, and despite the problems for the Falcons I still see them defeating Arizona.  It maybe very close, but since week 10 of last year Matt Ryan leads all quarterbacks in away games QBR; Falcons in a close one.

Atlanta 24 Arizona 21

Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings
-The Josh Freeman experience has been, lets just say, not so good so far.  He  threw for under 200 yards on 53 pass attempts Monday night against the New York Giants, and frankly he made The Eli look stupendous.  Now Freeman may have a concussion, and the Vikings are hosting the Green Bay Packers in primetime.  The Vikings are just playing awful now and the chances of them pulling off an upset are slim to none.

Green Bay 28 Minnesota 14

Seattle Seahawks at St. Louis Rams
The loss of Sam Bradford is incredibly damaging, he had 14 touchdowns and only 4 interceptions on an offense that was at time anemic.  Now looking at this game, the alarming statistic is that Russell Wilson has 323 rushing yards, and Zac Stacy and Daryl Richardson have a combined 390 yards.  No running games spells real trouble for the Rams.

Seattle 24  St. Louis 16

NFL Week 7 Predictions

Last Week: 11-4
Overall: 59-33

Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals
-Seattle is not the same team on the road, the Cardinals are a deceptively talented defense allowing only 18.5 points per game.  That being said, Seattle’s defense held the Titans to less than 230 yards in their win on the road last week, and with turnover-happy Carson Palmer at the helm for Arizona, you have to go with the Seahawks.

Seattle 21 Arizona 17

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Atlanta Falcons
-The Bucs average mustering up roughly 290 yards of offense per game, which correlates to only 12 points per game.  The Falcons are coming off a bye, and they are at home at the dome, knowing that they really need a win.  The Tony Gonzalez trade rumors are unwarranted as well.

Atlanta 27 Tampa Bay 14

Cincinnati Bengals at Detroit Lions
-The Detroit Lions average gaining 379 yards per contest, but defensibly they allow 393.  That ranks 26th in the NFL, and on the flip side, the Bengals rank 8th in yards allowed per game.  Cincinnati was able to lock down the Patriots to weeks ago, and despite eking out a tight win against the Bills, the Bengals will win this litmus test game.

Cincinnati 27 Detroit 24

Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins
-E.J. Manuel has been ruled out for roughly 4-6 weeks, and in his stead the QB for the Bills will most likely be Thad Lewis.  However defense maybe the difficulty for Buffalo; “the Bills are tied for 27th with an average of 395.0 total yards allowed and have given up the fifth-most rushing yards at 124.2 per game.”  The Dolphins have had an extra week to prepare for this and they will be up to the challenge.

Miami 31 Buffalo 21

New England Patriots at New York Jets
-The Patriots are coming off of an improbable and miraculous win against the New Orleans Saints.  The Jets on the other hand are coming off of an embarrassing and disappointing loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers.  The simple case is that the Patriots have momentum and despite their injuries they are still better than the New York Jets.

New England 27 New York 17

Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles
-Nick Foles will be starting at quarterback for the Eagles after Michael Vick once again declared himself injured.  DeMarco Murray is going to be out for the Cowboys, but that really shouldn’t slow down Dallas’s offense that much.  The Eagles rank dead last in passing yards allowed per game, so expect Romo to be throwing early and often.

Dallas 42 Philadelphia 37

Chicago Bears at Washington Redskins
-The Chicago Bears are 17-1 in their last 18 games where they force 3 turnovers or more, and they did so last week when their secondary picked off Eli Manning a trio of times.  RGIII is still a bit slow a foot, and he has already thrown for as many interceptions this year as last year.

Chicago 31 Washington 21

St. Louis Rams at Carolina Panthers
-Who are the Rams exactly?  Are they the team that lost to Dallas 31-7 or the team that just trounced the Texans on the road 38-13?  Sam Bradford is having a great year thus far with 13 touchdowns and only 3 interceptions.  Tavon Austin still isn’t getting a lot of playing time, but the Rams seem to be finding themselves at the right time.

St. Louis 17 Carolina 14

San Diego Chargers at Jacksonville Jaguars
-The Jaguars really showed some unexpected muscle in their loss to the Denver Broncos, but the Chargers showed impressive swag in their home win against the Indianapolis Colts.  Phillip Rivers should be able to throw all over the Jags defense, and with MJD only averaging roughly 2.7 yards a carry, nothing is going to stop San Diego.

San Diego 31 Jacksonville 17

San Francisco 49ers at Tennessee Titans
-Colin Kaepernick is still not living up to all the hype, but Frank Gore is picking up the slack.  He has been having monster games of the past 4 weeks, and averaging 4.6 yards per carry has been a key recipe for the 49ers success.

San Francisco 20 Tennessee 14

Cleveland Browns at Green Bay Packers
-Stingy defense was key for the Packers 19-17 win against the Baltimore Ravens.  If they can keep the Browns under 100 yards rushing then they should be golden.  Cleveland ran for over 100 yards in the first half, but only 11 yards in the second half against the Detroit Lions last week.

Green Bay 24 Cleveland 13

Houston Texans at Kansas City Chiefs
-The Texans are starting Case Keenum at quarterback, officially cementing the status of Matt Schaub’s future with the team as questionable.  Kansas City’s future is looking very bright on the other hand, specially if Jamaal Charles continues his success.

Kansas City 24 Houston 10

Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers
-The Baltimore Ravens average only 2.7 yards per carry, which ranks second to last in the NFL.  The Steelers are coming off a big win against the Jets.  If the Heinz field faithful had to welcome home an 0-5 Steelers team home, things might have gotten ugly.  Fortunately that isn’t happening.

Pittsburgh 21 Baltimore 20

Denver Broncos at Indianapolis Colts
-Jim Irsay seems to have made everyone in the NFL angry with his comments regarding Peyton Manning’s “unfulfilled” time with Colts.  Based off that, it’s safe to say that Denver will be amped up and Manning will be on a mission.

Denver 38 Indianapolis 24

Minnesota Vikings at New York Giants
-Josh Freeman is starting for the Minnesota Vikings after only being with the team for two weeks.  Eli Manning will for once be the better quarterback on the field, and it’ll lead the Giants to victory; that is as long as New York can stop Adrian Peterson.

New York 24 Minnesota 17