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NCAA Football Power Rankings 09/15/14

  1. Oregon Ducks (3-0)
  2. Florida State Seminoles (2-0)
  3. Oklahoma Sooners (3-0)
  4. Alabama Crimson Tide (3-0)
  5. Texas A&M Aggies (3-0)
  6. Auburn Tigers (3-0)
  7. LSU Tigers (3-0)
  8. Baylor Bears (3-0)
  9. Ole Miss Rebels (3-0)
  10. Notre Dame Fightin’ Irish (3-0)
  11. Georgia Bulldogs (1-1)
  12. UCLA Bruins (3-0)
  13. Michigan State Spartans (1-0)
  14. South Carolina Gamecocks (1-1)
  15. Arizona State Sun Devils (3-0)
  16. Missouri Tigers (3-0)
  17. Wisconsin Badgers (1-1)
  18. USC Trojans (2-1)
  19. Stanford Cardinals (2-1)
  20. BYU Cougars (3-0)
  21. Kansas State Wildcats (2-0)
  22. Clemson Tigers (1-1)
  23. Nebraska Cornhuskers (3-1)
  24. Ohio State (2-1)
  25. North Carolina (2-0)

Worst 10 Movies Of 2013 Calendar Year

Of all the movies I have seen from this CALENDAR year, these are my top 10.  I apologize because I haven’t seen every movie that I should have.

10.) Redemption: D
-Usually a big fan of Statham and his action movies, but this one really hit a sore note.  To much talking, and while I can appreciate the effort to make an action movie have more depth, it simply doesn’t work here.

9.) The Numbers Station: D+
-John Cusack plays the part of a boring operative trying to reconcile with himself.  Sound familiar?  “The Numbers Station” is filled with cliches and is really just a bore.  Avoid this option, you’ll be numbering the amount of times you’ll be checking the clock.

8.) Man Of Steel: D
-It had all the hype in the world, but buzz doesn’t mean success.  “Man Of Steel” had a fantastic premise but fell short in so many areas.  The main area of contention for me; it’s as if Michael Bay directed the final “climax” and instructed everyone to just find a way to destroy as many buildings as possible.  Zach Synder is by no means a “story-telling” director, but his direction of sheer dumb shallow explosion inducing boredom made “Man Of Steel” a train wreck.  Also, SUPERMAN DOESN’T KILL PEOPLE.  Overall, my most disappointing film of 2013.

7.) The Hangover Part III: D
-Dear lord this was bad.  This final part of the cult comedic trilogy is filled with incredibly awkward and unfunny acts.  I wouldn’t even call it a comedy, it’s more of a drama, that’s how much melodrama there is.  John Goodman is wasted as the villain, and even Mr. Chow was a huge drawback.  Avoid this one, stick to the original and you’ll be happier.

6.) Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones: D+
-Picture ever fantasy teen movie you have ever seen.  You have that picture in your head?  Good.  Now regurgitate it and you have “Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones.”  Forbidden love, the unlucky friend and a shocking twist that’s supposed to continue the film franchise; they are all here.

5.) The Great Gatsby: D+
-Director Baz Luhrmann simply tried to hard in this one.  It was style over substance.  The effects look great and it’s beautifully shot, but as consequence, the story falters and the characters wither.  To quote Conne Ogle of the Miami Herald, “A failure that should have at least been a magnificent mistake.”

4.) Now You See Me: D
-With a cast like “Now You See Me,” one would think it could pass as a watchable film, but nope.  People who like this film must have been dazzled by the magic to realize how flimsy the plot and character development is.  The ending is simply absurd and unrealistic, and can we talk about how the two most talented actors (Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine) in the film are horribly wasted as sideshows?

3.) John Dies At The End: D
-Among the small sample size to watch this unique horror comedy flick, I am in the minority.  The unique style and story appealed to many, but the ending just ruined whatever initial draw there was.  There is an astronomical amount of dead bodies, but the direction of the movies loses its way when the immense amount of weird pores onto the screen.

2.) Machete Kills: D-
-In 2010 Danny Trejo captured fire with the success of “Machete,” but this sequel attempt falls flat on its face.  There is immense craziness and preposterous killing, but overall the movie somehow finds a way to bore you.  As an audience member you are bombarded with various actors and actresses making appearances, but none last long and none really matter.  This is was a huge disappointment, “Machete Kills” isn’t even a good B-movie.

1.) A Good Day To Die Hard: F+
-“A Good Day To Die Hard” is the new Rocky 5.  Everyone should forget that it exists.  It is a black mark on what was a quality and entertaining franchise.  Bruce Willis’s charisma as John McClane was lower than lackluster, and the horrible story line of father and son was cheesy and soap opera like.  “A Good Day To Die Hard” is one of Bruce Willis’s worst films, and it is a horrible and dreadfully terrible disappointment.  Skip it, at whatever cost.

Please comment at let me know what you think were the worst movies of this calendar year!